[Openmcl-devel] How to make lisp slots in an objc class

Anders Conradi beque at telia.com
Mon Mar 15 14:29:12 PST 2004

On lördag, mar 13, 2004, at 20:09 Europe/Stockholm, Oliver Markovic 

> On 13.03.2004, at 17:55, Anders Conradi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> From the documentation of the cooca bridge I got the impression that 
>> you can create objc classes that contains lisp slots. How are you 
>> supposed to do that?
[snipped example]
> I think this is due to a simple copy&paste bug in objc-clos.lisp, 
> which has already been fixed in CVS.
> Try applying the attached patch (but apparently slots still need to be 
> bound when instantiating.)
> <writer-method.patch>

Thanks! That gets the class past the compiler. When I try to initialize 
it it only works when I pass initargs to make-instance (even though I 
have added initforms). How can I instantiate  objects without passing 
initargs? I really want the object to be instantiated from a .nib-file.

// Anders

> --
>   Oliver Markovic

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