[Openmcl-devel] How to make lisp slots in an objc class

Anders Conradi beque at telia.com
Wed Mar 17 06:35:52 PST 2004

On onsdag, mar 17, 2004, at 11:39 Europe/Stockholm, Gary Byers wrote:

>>> OK, I just realised that I have one more question. Is there anything 
>>> I
>>> can do to help? I know my lisp "skills" are severally lacking, and I
>>> don't have that much time, but perhaps there is something simple I
>>> could do. I have already written a simple temperature converter in
>>> lisp with a cocoa interface. That might be nice as an example for
>>> other newbies to this whole lisp and cocoa thing.
> I think that that'd be a great example.
> Does it run independently of the demo IDE ?

I'm afraid not. Now it is just an implementation of a window-controller 
that loads a nib-file with the GUI and some methods to do the 

For me, even getting this far was a bit of a hassle, especially when I 
wanted it to compile cleanly. It was basically a way for me to see how 
to write cocoa stuff in openmcl.

It is really small, so I'll attach it.
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