[Openmcl-devel] string handling question

Pascal J.Bourguignon pjb at informatimago.com
Tue Nov 9 14:51:23 PST 2004

alex crain writes:
> My larger problem has to do with working with strings in general.
> I'm adding features to hemlock and COCOA has a penchant for wanting to 
> look at all the attributes of
> all the characters in the buffer on a regular basis. COCOA takes care 
> of all kinds of display issues,
> which is nice, but there is no easy way to say:
> "Look, this is a fixed width font and I only modified line #6, so you 
> really don't have to look at the entire
> buffer to see if anything else has changed."
> COCOA is really unbright about inferring things and will often scan the 
> entire file for changes after
> I insert a single character, which means *lots* of string processing 
> and good optimization or the
> system grinds to a halt.

You don't have to use the high level text objects in Cocoa.  It would
be easier and faster to avoid cocoa text object and have hemlock
display the characters directly using cocoa graphic primitives.

> Soo... what I'm really looking for is a clue about how OpenMCL handles 
> strings and what the best way
> to deal is. I know about UVREF, %SUBSTR, DOVECTOR and a few others - 
> any more pointers would
> be appreciated.

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