[Openmcl-devel] ObjC/Cocoa bridge docs revised

Randall Beer beer at eecs.cwru.edu
Fri Nov 12 17:51:24 PST 2004


Nice job integrating all of the bridge-related info! Thanks for all of 
your work on this.

I just had a few small comments

In Section 10.3.1, the bridge will currently also convert Lisp strings 
passed as arguments to a message send into NSStrings, so that (SEND W 
:SET-TITLE "Untitled") works.  It will also convert numbers passed as 
arguments to a message SEND to SINGLE-FLOAT where necessary and 
possible, so that (SEND W :SET-ALPHA-VALUE 1) will work.

In 10.3.2, (SEND V1 :SET-BOUNDS (SEND V2 'BOUNDS)) should probably be 
(SEND V2 :SET-BOUNDS (SEND V1 'BOUNDS)) to be consistent with the 
previous example using SLET.


In 10.6, probably no need to mention (MAKE-OBJC-INSTANCE "XXX" . . .), 
since you can always use (MAKE-INSTANCE (@CLASS "XXX") . . .)

In 10.6, the statement that the "INIT" prefix is optional in 
initializer keywords works for MAKE-INSTANCE as well.  Since I am 
suggesting removing any mention of MAKE-OBJC-INSTANCE above, I would 
recommend that the examples here be changed to use MAKE-INSTANCE.

Note to self: The use of (@METACLASS XXX) to declare that the type of 
something is a metaclass of class XXX should be replaced by the new 
NS:+XXX syntax someday (this will require a change to 


On Nov 12, 2004, at 1:58 AM, Dan Knapp wrote:

>   I have just checked in a major re-working of the chapter on OS X 
> programming.
> This combines the information which was in CocoaBridgeDocs.txt with 
> what was
> already on the site, and adds a little entirely-new stuff.  It is now 
> split into two
> chapters; chapter ten is about the ObjC bridge, and chapter eleven is 
> about all
> OS X topics.
>   The dictionary for chapter ten is very incomplete, and there are 
> rough edges.
>   Please take a look at it and tell me what you think!
> -- Dan Knapp
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