[Openmcl-devel] hemlock and multiple servers

alex crain alexcrain at mail2.widgetworks.com
Sun Nov 14 17:40:19 PST 2004

Hemlock has support for multiple lisp environments, which offers three 
exciting possibilities:

1) support for running the IDE on a local workstation and the lisp 
environment on specialized
lisp hardware, or maybe a cluster environment.

2) editing code in a development environment that is not polluted by 
the editor and any
other development tools.

3) OpenMCL as a front end for some other lisp.

#1 seems like a stretch, #2 is of questionable value and #3 definately 
falls into the "Why would
you actually want to do this" category.

Does anyone in the group think that they would actually use this 
feature? It doesn't actually
work at the moment and it's really  a question of whether to keep the 
hooks in or not. It's
an interesting idea and might be useful as a strategy for creating 
deliverable applications
but there are other ways and IMHO, editing simultaneously in two lisp 
would be a potentially confusing. I don't have really strong feelings 
either way. Dumping
it would be an opportunity to reduce the command set and simplify the 


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