[Openmcl-devel] Fwd: Invitation to Sequential Progression

Jaime Magiera jaime at experienceproductions.com
Tue Nov 16 10:24:26 PST 2004

I'm forwarding this invitation since many people here have helped me in 
work related to the project.

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> From: Pan
> Date: November 16, 2004 12:11:19 PM EST
> To: Pan
> Subject: Invitation to Sequential Progression
> Sensorium III: Sequential Progression
> November 23, 2004 6:30PM
> Duderstadt Center
> University of Michigan North Campus
> 2281 Bonisteel Blvd., Ann Arbor
> On November 23, Ann Arbor will be the nexus for a world-wide 
> interactive media event. This project has grown to encompass much of 
> the technical and creative work done as "Sensory Research Network" 
> over the past 10 years (sound, video, 3D, networking, perception). The 
> unique thing about this event is that many aspects of it will be 
> controlled by performers across the globe with the use of internet 
> software and Virtual Reality technology. The internet will be used not 
> just as a method of communication between the performers, but also as 
> a conduit for the creation and distribution of the art itself. 
> Audience members will also have a chance to participate in this 
> creative process. Please join us in Ann Arbor for this stunning 
> example of open, interactive creativity.
> For more information:
> http://sensoryresearch.com/sequentialprogression/
> Pan
> Sensory Research Network
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