[Openmcl-devel] foreign type name escaping

Dan Knapp dankna at accela.net
Wed Nov 17 21:19:50 PST 2004

> (IIRC, Randy found it necessary to define exceptions to the general
> lisp<->Cocoa class name translation rules - to keep things like
> NSURLHandler from lispifiying as NS-U-R-L-HANDLER.  I think that this
> problem is harder than it may seem at first glance.)

   Yeah, it would definitely take a lot of heuristics to come up with 
that worked "most of the time", although it might be possible.  Of 
the downside would be that nobody would understand the rules without
trying out a specific case.  That might be acceptable, though.

   The way to develop something like this would be to build a large 
of symbol names from different projects, and then try out any proposed
translation rules on that.

-- Dan Knapp

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