*****SPAM***** Re:[Openmcl-devel] Openmcl script: Request for adding external sourcing of other shell scripts

Frank G=?ISO-8859-1?B?9g==?=nninger, PRION Consulting Services AG fgoenninger at prion.de
Fri Nov 19 12:37:54 PST 2004

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Content preview:  Pascal, Am 19.11.2004 19:17 Uhr schrieb "Pascal
  J.Bourguignon" unter <pjb at informatimago.com>: > Frank Gönninger, PRION
  Consulting Services AG writes: >> I have to make sure that another
  shell script gets sourced from within the >> openmcl script. This is
  due to the fact that the other script (it being part >> of a library I
  have to load within OpenMCL: ImageMagick - but the same thing >> is
  true for others as well) sets some environment variables that have to
  be >> set when loading the external shared library (.dylib) (done via
  UFFI). > > This is usually done this way: > > cat > my-entry-point
  <<EOF > #!/bin/bash > . whatever-rc-file-i-must-source > . some-more >
  exec openmcl $@ > EOF > chmod 755 my-entry-point > ./my-entry-point

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