[Openmcl-devel] Emacs, anyone?

alex crain alexcrain at mail2.widgetworks.com
Mon Oct 18 05:05:21 PDT 2004

User controlled bindings are a given - we could even implement the old
wordstar mode if we wanted - my question is about what should be the out
of the box default.


On Oct 18, 2004, at 12:30 AM, Pascal J.Bourguignon wrote:

> alex crain writes:
>> I'm working my way through the hemlock commands and I'm putting
>> together a new set of bindings to match the standard emacs set so
>> that I stop driving myself crazy bouncing between the two editors.
>> Question - should emacs bindings just be the default? I'm thinking
>> that it's far more likely that a user will be familiar with emacs then
>> traditional hemlock.
>> Comments encouraged.
> Perhaps, like style sheets or themes present a user selectable _look_,
> you could set up something that would allow the user to select a 
> _feel_.
> Of course, there are a lot of bindings that are specific to the modes,
> and we can't expect all modes to provide the same sets of binding
> variants.
> But for the global and packages modes, you could have hemlock-classic
> and emacs-like binding sets and allow for other user-defined binding
> sets.
> binding sets?
> binding themes?
> binding schemes?
> binding variants?
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