[Openmcl-devel] OSX install difficulties

Dan Knapp dankna at accela.net
Wed Sep 29 15:26:54 PDT 2004

> 2) I definitely have to check how an archive expansion or a cvs 
> download does populate the ccl directory issued from previous 
> archive/cvs install.
>     For example, just now as everything is fine at the end of it, I 
> repeated the operation of a "tar xvzf" of the interface-database 
> archive in a temporary folder which left the ccl directory unchanged ! 
> - darwin-headers sitting with 188 KB on the disk. But 
> "double-clicking" on the archive does expand in a "ccl.1" directory 
> with a 5.8 MB darwin-headers on the disk !

   This is because double-clicking causes the file to open in Stuffit 
Expander, which is
completely compatible with GNU tar and gzip, but an entirely different 
Stuffit, by default, is set to create new directories rather than 
adding to existing ones,
on the reasonable premise that this is what people want if they haven't 

   I've added notes to this effect to the docs, in sections 2.1.2 ("A 
Lisp Image"),
2.1.3 ("The Interface Database"), and 1.5 ("The Organization of the 
OpenMCL Directory").

> This morning I couldn't expand with "tar xvzf" an archive downloaded 
> by ftp in "text" mode ( Mac Os 10.3.5 ) as I had read it was the way 
> to go, then downloaded in "Binary" mode and could "tar xvzf" the 
> archive !

   Yes, binary mode is correct.  It would be nice to have a note in the 
docs about this,
somewhere; it's exactly the sort of thing that those of us coming from 
a Unix background
take for granted that everybody knows already...  I'm not sure where it 
would be
appropriate to put that note, since it's not as if we have directions 
on using FTP, we
just have a bunch of links to ftp:// urls.  Probably a new, short 
section in one of the
early chapters.

>  3) What else ? The doc. I had been confused with "Chapter 2.1.1 
> Source Code" example with the tar of a "bin" archive, while "Chapter 
> 2.1.2 Lisp image" example used a "source" archive. Now that I am 
> fluent :) with "cross-dumping" I feel better - but when I think to the 
> "Source code" I know that there is still no image - no dppccl.image, 
> nor "ppc-boot.image" -, and when I think to the" Lisp image" I see the 
> initial ddpccl.image which is in a "bin". So would you reverse the 
> example ? Never mind.

   I added text to section 2.1 which mentions that the image comes in a 
-bin- file, the source
code comes in a -src- file, and the interface database comes in a 
-interfaces- file.  Hmm.
I see what you mean.  The example in the "source code" section says:

 > tar xvzf ~/temp/openmcl-darwinppc-bin-0.14.2-p1.tar.gz

   The example in the "lisp image" section says:

 > tar xvzf ~/temp/openmcl-src-0.14.2-p1.tar.gz

   This is wrong, isn't it?  Somebody confirm that for me, and I'll 
change it.

-- Dan Knapp

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