[Openmcl-devel] OSX install difficulties

Hamilton Link helink at sandia.gov
Thu Sep 30 13:07:53 PDT 2004

> > I'm not sure that it's really the job of the OpenMCL documentation
> > to go into great depth in discussing these issues; there are probably
>  > entire websites devoted to helping people who are unfamiliar with
>  > them.  It might suffice to say something like "the files
>  > available here should be transferred in binary mode and archive
>  > contents should be extracted without line conversion or other loss
>  > of information.  If you don't have any idea what this means, see
>  > <http://helpful-web-site.org>"
>  >
> I fully agree.
> Francis

Yeah, it's important to not clutter the docs with tidbits that help 
people, because that will get in the way of people who know what 
they're doing and are re-reading the docs trying to make sure they are 
correct or have operations out of order...

Actually in point of fact if the docs are cluttered with command-line 
trivia fewer people will read them at all --- I think the degree to 
which the documentation should say anything about

- downloading files as binaries when using FTP,
- unpacking using tar and NOT stuffit which will create nonoverlapping 
ccl ccl.1 and ccl.2 directories for the different system components,
- configuring this or that shell environment,

etc., it should be a few one-liners directed at domain-knowledgable 
people in the following new easily-expandable-in-response-to-questions 

2.6 Troubleshooting

<a href=linktohelpfulsite>FOO2</a><br>

Where FOO can be replaced with the following, and we can link stuff in 
as we see fit.

Remember to FTP/HTTP files down as binaries.
Remember to use tar to unpack files, not unstuffit.
Remember to export your startup script's CCL_DEFAULT_DIRECTORY.
Remember to put your favorite path/to/ccl/scripts in your path.
Remember to edit path/in/ccl/scripts/openmcl when you need to have 
multiple installations coexist.
Remember that you can not turn a source release archive into a 
bleeding-edge CVS working copy.

and so on.

Sort of like a mini-FAQ for the build process, plus a place to put 
reminders about shell and tool things people have had trouble with. Can 
you set that up Dan?


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