[Openmcl-devel] Openmcl and Tiger

Lawrence E. Bakst ml at iridescent.org
Thu Apr 7 17:57:27 PDT 2005

When TIger is released, what will be the status of Openmcl?

As I think most people know, Tiger is widely rumored to have gone GM 
and will probably be released this month. As soon as Tiger is 
released, I plan on upgrading.

 From Gary's previous post it seems like Openmcl might not yet be 
working under Tiger.

Could we get please get some clarification?

I would think that getting something up and running under Tiger 
should be a high priority. If the Cocoa stuff takes longer because of 
GCC and other changes fine, but a new dppccl and interface database 
would be much appreciated.

As far as developer NDAs are concerned, it's important to take those 
seriously. However, like most NDAs you aren't bound to keep private 
information that has become public. Given that Apple now has detailed 
white papers on Spotlight and Dashboard as well as significant 
information on the public part of the developer web site, I don't 
think talking about getting an application (Openmcl) running on TIger 
is really violating any confidentiality, unless there was some kind 
of detailed developer only information revealed.






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