[Openmcl-devel] slowness

David Tolpin dvd at davidashen.net
Sat Apr 9 09:50:05 PDT 2005

On 09.04.2005, at 21:22, Gary Byers wrote:

> Does calling
> ? (ccl:egc nil)
> before running the case that's slow affect things ?

no, it does not change the execution time.

>> I suspect that I put GC into a mode which OpenMCL is uncomfortable
>> with, but can't figure out how to profile it.
> If this -is- thrashing around in the GC, the TIME macro should report
> that.

Yes, indeed it would; and, according to time, the time spent in GC is 
neglectible. Thank you for hints,
I'll try to investigate more; that was probably the wrong assumption.  
When I mentioned the GC, I was thinking about the memory management as 
a whole, not just about the garbage collection. But you are right, 
'time' suggests that the cause is different.


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