[Openmcl-devel] PyInjector and Lisp

Matthew Swank akopa at charter.net
Fri Dec 2 07:13:30 PST 2005

Gary Byers wrote:

> A few years ago, Joerg Garbers contributed an example which provided
> some level of FScript/OpenMCL integration.   (People unfamiliar with
> FScript can find more information about it at - of all places -
> www.fscript.org.)

I'm still struggling to get a handle on how the python code works, but 
it looks like PyInjector dynamically creates a Bundle of the pertinent 
code (FScript Framework, a Python interpreter) and gets the target 
application to load it.  Making OpenMCL a loadable bundle sounds at 
least as hard as getting FScript and OpenMCL to talk to each other.

Though, forgetting FScript for a moment, injecting a running Lisp image 
seems to be the essential thing.  The object browser is just a convenience.

"You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to 
your grandmother." - Albert Einstein.

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