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Cyrus Harmon ch-openmcl at bobobeach.com
Fri Feb 4 19:56:17 PST 2005

Or you can use the carbon API to write native apps. The native app 
things is cool, but it would be even cooler if there were a nice way to 
write GUI-based apps that ran native or native-like on multiple OSes 
with minimal porting effort. I've been contemplating making a carbon 
based backend for CLIM (or starting w/ beagle and attempting to move it 
from carbon -> cocoa).

Not that I consider my a member of the intelligencia, but I often ask 
and occasionally am able to answer questions on #lisp on freenode.

On Feb 4, 2005, at 4:56 PM, Dan Knapp wrote:

>> So, I'm interested in writing applications for OS X in
>> Lisp, but I'm not sure what resources are out there
>> for picking this up.  The Bosco framework looks
>> promising, but perhaps there are better choices.
>   Well, to write native apps you'll need to learn the Cocoa API, if you
> aren't already familiar with it from other languages.  These items in
> the docs are essential:
> 10. The Objective-C Bridge
> http://www.openmcl.com/Doc/ch10.html
> 11. Using OpenMCL with Mac OS X, the Darwin Kernel,  and the Cocoa GUI 
> http://www.openmcl.com/Doc/ch11.html
> 11.5. Recommended Reading
> http://www.openmcl.com/Doc/ch11s05.html
>   Bah; once again I am reminded that there is still no way to make a
> permanent link to a chapter or section in the docs, which will still 
> work
> after a renumbering.  Oh well.  I haven't renumbered in a while
> anyway.
>> Also, do any of the OpenMCL intelligencia reachable
>> via IRC or similar?
>   AIM: DanielNKnapp
>   I'm not necessarily the best able to help, but feel free to message 
> me.
> -- Dan Knapp
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