[Openmcl-devel] RFC - init-file and asdf:*central-registry* changes

bryan o'connor bryan-openmcl at lunch.org
Wed Feb 16 19:34:05 PST 2005

> The folks at Apple would probably suggest adding files like 
> /Library/OpenMCL/init.lisp
> and ~/Library/OpenMCL/init.lisp to that list.

or instead:
   ../Library/Application Support/OpenMCL/init.lisp.

regardless, i think that makes more sense for a mac os x app bundle
and not the darwin or linux ppc versions.  granted the majority (if
not all) of darwin users are running mac os x.

> As for the one or many files, I'm a bit leery of multiple files.
> What order do they get loaded in?

i don't think i was clear, we would specify a file, .openmcl/init.lisp,
and that in turn could load as many files as it wants in that (or other)
directories.  i just like the idea of it being in a separate directory 
encourage that behavior.

i won't rest until i am able to clean up everybody's home dir.  ;)


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