[Openmcl-devel] [Re: MOP Question: structure of Lambda list for direct-slot-definition-class]

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Mon Feb 21 13:39:33 PST 2005

Hello OMCLers, 

i just forward this  to the list in case someone doesn't read c.l.lisp.
BTW, anyone comming to Amsterdam in April?

 cheers Ralf Mattes

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Subject: Re: MOP Question: structure of Lambda list for direct-slot-definition-class
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On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 17:31:17 +0000, Bruno Haible wrote:

> R. Mattes wrote:
>> After closer examination it looks as if OpenMCL calls 
>> direct-slot-definition-class like this
> You didn't say whether you create your classes through DEFCLASS or

Ah, sorry, i forgot that part. Yes, i do create my classes with defclass [1].

> If you're using DEFCLASS, then the MOP says how slot
> options should be handled (http://www.lisp.org/mop/concepts.html):
>   "All other slot options appear as the values of properties with the
>    same name as the slot option. Note that this includes not only the
>    remaining standard slot options (:allocation and :type), but also
>    any other options and values appearing in the slot specification. If
>    one of these slot options appears more than once, the value of the
>    property will be a list of the specified values."
>> OpenMCL wraps all values given to keyword args into lists
>> while SBCL just passes the "raw" values.
> SBCL is right. The values should be wrapped in lists only when more
> than one value is specified in the DEFCLASS form.

Ok, i'll report this to the OpenMCL developers. BTW, maybe this should be
tested in the Closer test suite ...

 Thanks a lot 

>                  Bruno

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