[Openmcl-devel] RFC - init-file and asdf:*central-registry* changes

Peter Seibel peter at javamonkey.com
Mon Feb 21 15:21:30 PST 2005

Gary Byers <gb at clozure.com> writes:

> If I'm correct in thinking this way, then one of the most important
> things that can be done is to use the current bleeding-edge version
> (soon to become the next release) and try to ensure that things
> that're supposed to be fixed have been fixed (and that things
> haven't gotten broken in the meantime.) There's lots of stuff that
> people use (ASDF[-INSTALL], CLX, ALLEGROSERVE, SWANK, ...) that I
> generally don't use, and it'd be good to try to ensure that support
> for those things doesn't get broken in a new release (or that broken
> support has gotten fixed.)
> Are there other things that I'm not thinking about that might be
> reasonable (smallish) new-feature goals for a next release ?  Does
> the time frame (~3 weeks or so) seem generally reasonable ?

I've not been doing much with OpenMCL lately but that's about to
change: I've finished the actual writing part of my book and am now
packaging up the example code to put on the web. I'm going to be
creating a Lisp in a Box distro for the book and had been planning to
include an OpenMCL version for OS X. So if you guys tie up the loose
ends in the next couple weeks and put out a release, that'd certainly
be excellent timing from my point of view.


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