[Openmcl-devel] object classes and nib files (a clue and a puzzle)

alex crain alexcrain at mail.widgetworks.com
Mon Jan 3 11:29:19 PST 2005

FYI, the code that I posted doesn't actually work, the correct code is:

  (defun %objc-domain-slots-vector (p)
       (let* ((type (%macptr-type p))
	     (flags (ldb objc-type-flags type))
	     (index (ldb objc-type-index type)))
	(declare (fixnum type flags index))
	(ecase flags
	  (#.objc-flag-instance (or (gethash p *objc-object-slot-vectors*)
				    ; try to allocate the slot vector on demand
				    (let* ((raw-ptr (raw-macptr-for-instance p))
					   (slot-vector (create-foreign-instance-slot-vector (class-of 
				      (when slot-vector
					(setf (slot-vector.instance slot-vector) raw-ptr)
					(setf (gethash raw-ptr *objc-object-slot-vectors*) slot-vector))
				      (register-canonical-objc-instance p raw-ptr)
				    (error "~s has no slots." p)))
	  (#.objc-flag-class (id->objc-class-slots-vector index))
	  (#.objc-flag-metaclass (id->objc-metaclass-slots-vector index)))))

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