[Openmcl-devel] docstrings

bryan o'connor bryan-openmcl at lunch.org
Thu Jan 6 16:01:20 PST 2005

from ~2 years ago:
> In ccl::level-0;l0-def.lisp, we have:
> (defun bootstrapping-set-documentation (symbol doc-type doc-string)
>   (declare (ignore symbol doc-type doc-string))
>    string)
> and cruft to make that be what happens when (SETF DOCUMENTATION)
> is invoked.  That definition stays in effect until fairly late
> in the loading sequence.
> I'm fairly sure that that could be made to work (in much the
> same way that source file information's retained during the
> cold load, but I'd agree that there probably aren't that many
> doc strings getting ignored.

i was looking into adding docstrings to all the cl-user symbols
and maybe cleaning up some arglists to be more descriptive.  as
i understand, both sbcl and cmucl are licensed such that we can
start with their docstrings.

i imagine the right thing to do is to add the docstrings to the
source and have them by default be dumped in the image.  there'd
also be a way to not include them to save space.  i think sbcl does
this by simply adding a #+sb-doc before all their docstrings.

would this be a good way to go?

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