[Openmcl-devel] docstrings patch

bryan o'connor bryan-openmcl at lunch.org
Sun Jan 9 22:27:37 PST 2005

here's a patch that adds docstrings to most common-lisp-user
symbols.  i used the docstrings from sbcl 0.8.18.  (sbcl/cmucl
are under a public domain license except for the few bits like
loop and pcl that retain a bsd license.)

the majority of docstrings that already existed in the code were
identical or a slight variation.  i didn't add any that would have
required adding a defgeneric or (setf documentation) form.

i made no code changes and limited any formatting changes to the
occasional newline and removal of trailing whitespace before a

i also didn't modify the docstring if it referred to an argument
that was a variation of the one used in the actual arglist.  (for
example, docstring uses "SYMBOL" where the arglist uses "sym".)
the spelled-out version is likely more informative.

due to the bootstrapping issue gary mentioned, very few of these
actually make it to the dumped image.  mine grew by ~32k.  i think
it makes sense to commit these before making any code changes to
actually use them.

since the patch is >250k, here's a link:


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