[Openmcl-devel] a problem with the callback stack

alex crain alexcrain at mail.widgetworks.com
Sun Jan 16 09:49:38 PST 2005

On Jan 16, 2005, at 1:55 AM, alex crain wrote:
> CALLING -[HemlockWindowController windowWillResize:toSize:]
> SELF = [:ID] #<A Mac Pointer #xBFFFE550>
> _CMD = [:<SEL>] #<HEMLOCK-WINDOW-CONTROLLER <HemlockWindowController: 
> 0x853495a0> (#x853495A0)>
> WINDOW = [:DOUBLE-FLOAT] -5.351074039314703D-229
> SIZE = [:<NSS>size width=601.0 height=423.0]
This probably looks a bit confusing because I cut the wrong piece of 
text.  I was playing around with the
declaration to make sure that I hadn't shifted the argument labels 
myself, and the WINDOW
argument is incorrectly typed as :DOUBLE-FLOAT. Here's a correct 
tracing of the call

CALLING -[HemlockWindowController windowWillResize:toSize:]
   SELF = [:ID] #<A Mac Pointer #xBFFFE550>
   _CMD = [:<SEL>] #<HEMLOCK-WINDOW-CONTROLLER <HemlockWindowController: 
0x8530f2e0> (#x8530F2E0)>
   WINDOW = [:ID] #<A Mac Pointer #x9089F61C>
   SIZE = [:<NSS>size width=-8.316439E-36 height=600.0]
-[HemlockWindowController windowWillResize:toSize:] returned [:#<A Mac 
Pointer #xBFFFE4B4>] <NSS>IZE

With the correct argument declarations, the size argument is now 
shifted back 4 bytes (because WINDOW is really 4 bytes, not 8)
and is now wrong. SELF, _CMD and WINDOW are, of course, sitll bogus as 



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