[Openmcl-devel] portableaserve

bryan o'connor bryan-openmcl at lunch.org
Fri Jan 21 10:59:56 PST 2005

webactions/load.cl is still allegro specific.

it looks like the portable way to build and load it is with the
asdf file webactions.asd.  the top level INSTALL.lisp should be
doing that for you.


> I run into one "problem" after another.  The one I gave up on is ...
> ? (load "portableaserve/aserve/webactions/load.cl")
>> Error in process listener(1): Undefined function 
>> COMPILE-FILE-IF-NEEDED called with arguments 
>> ("portableaserve/aserve/webactions/clpage.cl") .
>> While executing: #<Anonymous Function #x657D1AE>
>> Type :GO to continue, :POP to abort.

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