[Openmcl-devel] Doc; 2.1.6 Building Everything, for the Impatient; need path to openmcl

Christian Nybø chr at nybo.no
Thu Jul 14 00:52:15 PDT 2005


http://openmcl.clozure.com/Doc/ch02s01.html says:

«In a terminal:

 > cd /Applications/openmcl/ccl/lisp-kernel/darwin
 > make clean
 > make
 > cd /Applications/openmcl/ccl
 > openmcl»

Make clean and make seem ok.
But there is no file openmcl in /Applications/openmcl/ccl.  Should  
the last line I quoted say ./dppccl instead?  Maybe even with a -n  
flag (no init file)?

The directory is what I packed out from "openmcl-darwinppc- 

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