[Openmcl-devel] error running bleeding edge as CGI script

David Tolpin dvd at davidashen.net
Thu Jun 2 11:46:34 PDT 2005


the following simple script

	/usr/local/bin/openmcl -norc -b -e '(progn (format t "Content-Type: 
text/plain~%~%hello world") (finish-output) (quit))'

runs just fine with the last release 0.14.3 either from the command 
line or as a CGI script.

the same script still runs from the command-line (no matter how the 
input/output is redirected), but gives unhelpful message:

	Unhandled exception 11 at 0x020ebe1c, context->regs at #xbfffe788

when run as a CGI script. The evaluated expression does not matter, it 
is there just to show that it indeed is doing something. Mac OS X 
10.3.9, G4.


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