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Raffael Cavallaro raffaelcavallaro at mac.com
Fri Jun 10 08:35:44 PDT 2005

Over the years I've gradually come to a conception of what I think  
would be the ideal lisp environment for Mac OS X:

I would be most happy if Gary found a way to make openmcl on Mac OS  
X  an XCode Cocoa application that called out to a lisp compiler/ 
image in another thread (or even child process) and the two shared  
data in some static memory region. Then the Objective-C code and  
XCode project for the Cocoa front end would be automatically multi- 
architecture. In other words, Apple seems hell bent on running the  
show with Cocoa and Xcode. Let them - just keep the real brains lisp  
under the hood.  Just a thought.


Raffael Cavallaro, Ph.D.
raffaelcavallaro at mac.com

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