[Openmcl-devel] porting BKNR to openmcl

Tiarnán Ó Corráin ocorrain at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 30 05:21:01 PDT 2005


I'm making some progress on my (recently resumed) port of BKNR to
openmcl. I'm running into problems and getting this wonderful error

"The value NIL, derived from the initform NIL, can not be used to set
the value of the slot DESTROYED-P in #<GORILLA #x673FB76>, because it
is not of type NIL.
   [Condition of type CCL::BAD-SLOT-TYPE-FROM-INITFORM]"

I think it is triggered by the following, which attempts to add a new
slot to an indexed-class.

(defmethod compute-slots ((class indexed-class))
  (let* ((normal-slots (call-next-method)))
    (let ((destroyed-p-slot #.`(make-instance 'index-effective-slot-definition
				:name 'destroyed-p
				:initform nil
				:class class
				#+(or cmu openmcl)
				,@'(:readers nil :writers nil)
				:initfunction #'(lambda () nil)
      (cons destroyed-p-slot normal-slots))))

Can anyone see anything fishy about the above? The "cons" at the end
seems bizarre to me, but I'm no expert.



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