[Openmcl-devel] Changelog

bryan o'connor bryan-openmcl at lunch.org
Tue Mar 1 10:15:17 PST 2005

i've been playing with cvs2cl.pl to retroactively generate a
Changelog from 0.14.2 to the present.  it should include all
changes except those on version.lisp which almost always are
just the word "bump".

we should probably keep a top-level Changelog in cvs.


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2005-02-28 23:40  bryan

	* lib/macros.lisp: defclass: signal program error when a slot is
	  initialized more than once in :default-initargs.  defclass: make
	  duplicate slot name program error a bit more verbose.

2005-02-28 22:06  bryan

	* lib/describe.lisp: really big BIGNUMS shouldn't cause describe to
	  FLOATING-POINT-OVERFLOW.  instead just print the fact that it
	  would if you tried.

2005-02-27 22:43  gb

	* lisp-kernel/darwin64/Makefile: Build on 64-bit DarwinPPC.  Work
	  around some linker lossage.

2005-02-27 22:42  gb

	* lisp-kernel/darwin/Makefile: Remove some obsolete stuff.  Try to
	  handle cases where OS libs are gratuitously deleted and added in
	  unnamed, undiscussed OS releases.

2005-02-27 22:35  gb

	* lisp-kernel/pmcl-kernel.c: Some word size/signedness cleanup.
	  Use dlsym() in cases where we're sure that it exists.

2005-02-27 22:34  gb

	* lisp-kernel/plbt.c: Rename 'dladdr' to 'darwin_dladdr', in case
	  The OS Release That Can Not Be Discussed defines its own dladdr

2005-02-27 22:32  gb

	* lisp-kernel/lisp-exceptions.h: Try to work around the (old, now
	  fixed) OSX G5 kernel signal handler bug, by flipping an unused
	  bug in the XER.

2005-02-27 22:31  gb

	* lisp-kernel/lisp-exceptions.c: Some word size/signedness cleanup.

2005-02-27 22:30  gb

	* lisp-kernel/lisp-debug.c: Don't prototype print_lisp_object().

2005-02-27 22:29  gb

	* lisp-kernel/image.c: Be fussy about word size, signedness.
	  (Needs more fussiness.)

2005-02-27 22:29  gb

	* lisp-kernel/imports.s: User PTR macro for imported addresses
	  (word size issues.)

2005-02-27 22:28  gb

	* lisp-kernel/m4macros.m4: Tweak FUN .stabs handling, to make fussy
	  assemblers (that can't be discussed in public yet) happy.

2005-02-27 22:23  gb

	* lisp-kernel/pantherg5/Makefile: no more pantherg5 stuff

2005-02-27 22:20  gb

	* lisp-kernel/spjump.s: Force 12 bit alignment.  (See if this
	  breaks Linux.)

2005-02-27 22:18  gb

	* level-1/l1-streams.lisp: Remove obsolete INSTANCE-INITIALIZE

2005-02-27 14:25  bryan

	* lib/format.lisp: width parameter <=0 passed to ~f format
	  directive should act as if it never was specified.  previously
	  (when 0) would loop.

2005-02-25 19:21  gb

	* lib/ccl-export-syms.lisp: Export WITH-POINTER-TO-IVECTOR from
	  CCL; export a few missing things from OPENMCL-MOP.

2005-02-25 19:20  gb

	* lib/macros.lisp: WITH-POINTER-TO-IVECTOR.

2005-02-25 19:18  gb

	* level-0/l0-pred.lisp: Add UVECTORP & IVECTORP; make them type

2005-02-25 18:40  gb

	* level-0/PPC/ppc-misc.lisp: Handle the DOUBLE-FLOAT case(es) in

2005-02-25 18:36  gb

	* level-1/l1-streams.lisp: %MAKE-HEAP-IVECTOR: element count not

2005-02-25 16:59  gb

	* lisp-kernel/lisp-debug.c: Add an 'extern' to definition of
	  debug_command_entries[].  In lisp_debugger(), define 'state'
	  before executable body.

2005-02-25 16:57  gb

	* compiler/PPC/ppc-arch.lisp: A few name changes, for consistency
	  with kernel notion of kernel-globals.

2005-02-25 16:56  gb

	* examples/: objc-clos.lisp, objc-support.lisp: Handle changes to
	  DEFCLASS's processing of random slot options (:FOREIGN-TYPE).

2005-02-25 16:55  gb

	* lib/macros.lisp: DEFCLASS: only collect random slot option values
	  into a list if option was provided more than once.

2005-02-25 16:52  gb

	* level-1/l1-clos.lisp: Preserve values of class slots (:ALLOCATION
	  :CLASS) during class redefinition.

2005-02-25 16:51  gb

	* level-1/l1-boot-2.lisp: Bind *LOADING-FILE-SOURCE-FILE* around
	  calls to %FASLOAD.

2005-02-25 16:50  gb

	* level-1/l1-init.lisp: Define *LOADING-FILE-SOURCE-FILE*

2005-02-25 16:49  gb

	* level-0/l0-init.lisp: Define *LOADING-FILE-SOURCE-FILE* here.

2005-02-25 16:48  gb

	* level-0/l0-misc.lisp: Kernel globals in PPC (not PPC32) package.

2005-02-25 16:44  gb

	* level-1/: l1-pathnames.lisp, l1-boot-1.lisp,
	  l1-lisp-threads.lisp: Kernel globals in PPC (not PPC32) package.

2005-02-22 15:24  gb

	* lisp-kernel/spentry.s: Load f1 from the right stack offset when
	  returning from EABI callback.

2005-02-22 15:01  gb

	* lisp-kernel/spentry.s: All callback variants try to return values
	  in r3, r4, and f1.

2005-02-22 14:59  gb

	* lib/macros.lisp: Handle float returns in callbacks (needs related
	  kernel changes; untested on Linux.)

2005-02-22 12:26  bryan

	* lib/pprint.lisp: when *pretty-print* and *print-base* > 10, use
	  the slightly slower #'write-a-symbol to properly determine
	  potential numbers.

2005-02-22 12:22  bryan

	* level-1/l1-io.lisp: use *print-base*, not *read-base*, when
	  deciding whether to quote a potential number.

2005-02-20 17:47  bryan

	* lib/format.lisp: handle ~v when nil for ~{...~}

2005-02-20 15:24  bryan

	* level-1/l1-sysio.lisp: rewrite stream-external-format as a
	  generic function.

2005-02-20 14:36  bryan

	* lib/format.lisp: treat ~vr as ~r when arg is nil.  per clhs 22.3.

2005-02-20 12:33  bryan

	* level-1/l1-streams.lisp: remove unused code: (defmethod
	  file-stream-external-format ((s broadcast-stream))

2005-02-20 02:05  bryan

	* lib/format.lisp: treat ~v[...~] as ~[...~] when arg is nil.  per
	  clhs 22.3.

2005-02-19 18:13  bryan

	* lib/arrays-fry.lisp: somebody misses printf.. format uses ~ and
	  not %.

2005-02-19 15:51  bryan

	* lib/format.lisp: reverse ~:@C printing per clhs: "~:@C prints
	  what ~:C would, and then if the character requires unusual  shift
	  keys on the keyboard to type it, this fact is mentioned."

2005-02-19 14:34  bryan

	* level-1/l1-reader.lisp: add Fs (file separator), Gs (group
	  separator), Rs (record separator), and Us (unit seperator) to

	  #\Fs to avoid printing something unescaped #\^\, the others for
	  completeness.  the extra four entries in the alist shouldn't have
	  any noticeable effect.

	  probably could fix the printer (and reader?) to handle the
	  escaped case, but i like seeing the textual representation.

2005-02-19 13:29  bryan

	* lib/format.lisp: when printing a number with a sign and padding,
	  print padding first and then the sign.

2005-02-18 15:19  bryan

	* lib/read.lisp: rewrite #A dispatch handler to allow for all types
	  of sequences (bitfields, strings, vectors, lists) when they make
	  sense for the supplied rank.

2005-02-17 16:02  gb

	* examples/: objc-readtable.lisp, objc-runtime.lisp: Observe
	  *READ-SUPPRESS* in reader macros.

2005-02-16 17:42  bryan

	* tools/asdf.lisp: hook asdf into *module-provider-functions*.

2005-02-16 13:09  bryan

	* compiler/nx-basic.lisp, compiler/nx.lisp, compiler/nx0.lisp,
	  compiler/PPC/ppc-lapmacros.lisp, level-0/l0-aprims.lisp,
	  level-0/l0-array.lisp, level-0/l0-def.lisp,
	  level-0/l0-float.lisp, level-0/l0-hash.lisp,
	  level-0/l0-init.lisp, level-0/l0-misc.lisp,
	  level-0/l0-numbers.lisp, level-0/l0-pred.lisp,
	  level-0/l0-symbol.lisp, level-0/PPC/ppc-pred.lisp,
	  level-1/l1-aprims.lisp, level-1/l1-boot-1.lisp,
	  level-1/l1-clos-boot.lisp, level-1/l1-error-signal.lisp,
	  level-1/l1-error-system.lisp, level-1/l1-files.lisp,
	  level-1/l1-init.lisp, level-1/l1-io.lisp,
	  level-1/l1-numbers.lisp, level-1/l1-pathnames.lisp,
	  level-1/l1-reader.lisp, level-1/l1-readloop-lds.lisp,
	  level-1/l1-readloop.lisp, level-1/l1-streams.lisp,
	  level-1/l1-symhash.lisp, level-1/l1-sysio.lisp,
	  level-1/l1-typesys.lisp, level-1/l1-utils.lisp,
	  level-1/sysutils.lisp, lib/apropos.lisp, lib/arrays-fry.lisp,
	  lib/chars.lisp, lib/defstruct-lds.lisp, lib/defstruct.lisp,
	  lib/describe.lisp, lib/encapsulate.lisp, lib/format.lisp,
	  lib/hash.lisp, lib/lists.lisp, lib/macros.lisp, lib/misc.lisp,
	  lib/nfcomp.lisp, lib/numbers.lisp, lib/pathnames.lisp,
	  lib/pprint.lisp, lib/read.lisp, lib/sequences.lisp,
	  lib/setf.lisp, lib/sort.lisp, lib/streams.lisp, lib/time.lisp,
	  library/loop.lisp: add docstrings to the majority of
	  common-lisp-user symbols starting with a snapshot of those found
	  in SBCL 0.8.18.

2005-02-16 12:34  bryan

	* tools/asdf-install/: COPYRIGHT, load-asdf-install.lisp,
	  split-sequence.lisp: initial repository version from 050201

2005-02-16 12:29  bryan

	* level-1/l1-reader.lisp: unmatched ') when
	  ccl::*ignore-extra-close-parenthesis* is nil should signal a

	  the default for ccl::*ignore-extra-close-parenthesis* remains t.
	  set it to nil in your init file for maximum ansi-compliance.

2005-02-16 12:12  bryan

	* tools/: README-OpenMCL.txt, asdf-install/README,
	  asdf-install/asdf-install.asd, asdf-install/defpackage.lisp,
	  asdf-install/installer.lisp, asdf-install/port.lisp,
	  asdf-install/doc/index.html: sync with latest asdf-install code.

2005-02-16 11:53  bryan

	* tools/asdf.lisp: import latest ASDF from clocc repository.

	  identical (besides revision number) to asdf.lisp found in SBCL

2005-02-16 11:50  bryan

	* xdump/xfasload.lisp: turn on *save-doc-strings* and

2005-02-16 11:45  bryan

	* level-1/l1-reader.lisp: ccl::%unreadable should signal a

	  ccl::%unreadable is called when the reader encounters #<, #), or

2005-02-16 11:44  bryan

	* lib/read.lisp: ## when *read-suppress* should return nil, not

2005-02-16 11:43  bryan

	* level-1/l1-reader.lisp: #nr shouldn't type-check n when

2005-02-16 11:42  bryan

	* level-1/l1-reader.lisp: #( when *read-suppress should ignore
	  array length problems.

2005-02-16 11:41  bryan

	* lib/read.lisp: rewrite #* handler

	  #* must signal a reader-error if any of the token characters are
	  not 0 or 1.  previously it would stop at the first character that
	  was not 0 or 1.  single- and multi-escape are not allowed in the
	  token for #*.

	  #n* when n > 0 must have at least one element.  the number of
	  elements can not exceed n.

	  except if *read-suppress*, then anything goes until the next
	  whitespace or terminating macro.

2005-02-16 11:39  bryan

	* level-1/l1-reader.lisp: more occurrences where error should be a

2005-02-16 11:35  bryan

	* level-1/l1-streams.lisp: fill in some missing methods for
	  echo-streams and concatenated-streams.

	    (defmethod stream-read-char-no-hang ((s echo-stream))
	    (defmethod stream-read-byte ((s echo-stream))
	    (defmethod stream-read-line ((s echo-stream))
	    (defmethod stream-read-vector ((s echo-stream) vector start

	    (defmethod stream-read-char-no-hang ((s concatenated-stream))
	    (defmethod stream-peek-char ((s concatenated-stream))
	    (defmethod stream-read-line ((s concatenated-stream))
	    (defmethod stream-read-list ((s concatenated-stream) list
	    (defmethod stream-read-vector ((s concatenated-stream) vector
	  start end)

2005-02-16 11:31  bryan

	* level-0/l0-symbol.lisp, level-0/nfasload.lisp,
	  level-1/l1-symhash.lisp: ccl::hash-pname loses when given a

	  find-all-symbols did no checking and didn't massage.	added a
	  ccl::ensure-simple-string to both check and massage.

	  make-symbol checked that the arg was a 'simple-string using
	  #'require-type.  replacing that with ccl::ensure-simple-string
	  both checks and massages.

	  ccl::pkg-arg (called by a bunch of symbol iterator macros) did
	  check that if the arg was a string, that it was a simple string.
	  i rewrote the initial if form as a cond that will call
	  ccl::ensure-simple-string if the arg is indeed a string.

	  also updated ccl::new-package-name.

2005-02-16 11:22  bryan

	* lib/backquote.lisp: comma not inside backquote should signal

2005-02-16 11:20  bryan

	* level-1/l1-reader.lisp: if *read-suppress*, return NIL from
	  read(-*) forms.

2005-02-16 11:19  bryan

	* level-1/l1-io.lisp: adjustable arrays should print readably when
	  *print-array* (per clhs

2005-02-16 11:16  bryan

	* lib/pprint.lisp: don't declare dynamic-extent for the unused args
	  passed to (funcall (formatter "~A") ..) which end up being
	  returned to the caller.

2005-02-16 11:11  bryan

	* lib/apropos.lisp: "" is a substring to all strings, update
	  %apropos-substring-p to explicitly check for that and return t
	  before doing any more work.

2005-02-16 11:09  bryan

	* level-1/l1-utils.lisp: a string-designator can also be a
	  singleton character, update string-argp to reflect that.

2005-02-16 11:05  bryan

	* lib/macros.lisp: typecase was always pushing the t clause (if
	  present) to the end of the clauses.  i suspect that most cases
	  when it appears before the end, the user intended for it to be
	  equivalent to a final OTHERWISE clause.  hopefully the warning
	  messages about later clauses being shadowed will be sufficient to
	  alert them.  as an added benefit it dead-code strips any cases
	  following a t-clause.

	  finally it now correctly raises an error if OTHERWISE (if
	  present) is not the final clause.

2005-02-16 10:56  bryan

	* lib/sequences.lisp: ccl::simple-vector-delete loses with
	  displaced arrays with a displaced-index-offset > 0.

	  the second loop (looping through the scratch bit vector) to copy
	  the items that survive into the new array misuses the offset with
	  the bit vector.  this causes an array out of bounds error.
	  instead it should use the offset with the original array to
	  reference the item.

	  the third loop which copies the remaining items that were
	  explicitly excluded from the test also needs the offset to copy
	  the right items.

2005-02-16 10:52  bryan

	* lib/format.lisp: allow mincol, minpad in format directives to be

2005-02-16 10:46  bryan

	* lib/format.lisp: non-list args in ~{..~} format directive should
	  signal type-error.

2005-02-16 10:41  bryan

	* level-1/l1-format.lisp: allow #\+ in format directives.

2005-02-16 10:40  bryan

	* compiler/PPC/ppc-lap.lisp: modify defppclapfunction to accept a

2005-02-15 23:24  bryan

	* lib/macros.lisp: don't update index if with-input-from-string
	  exits abnormally.

2005-02-15 23:17  bryan

	* lib/setf.lisp: spec says that the long form of defsetf encloses
	  the body in a block named after the access function.

	  defsetf was doing the wrong thing and putting the block around
	  the eventual setf-expansion instead of the body that's evaluated
	  to generate the setf-expansion.

	  defsetf should also return the name of the access-fn and not the
	  doc string.

2005-02-15 18:23  bryan

	* level-1/l1-reader.lisp: accept #:. per CLHS and ansi-test

2005-02-15 18:14  bryan

	* level-0/l0-hash.lisp: %hash-table-equalp uses :test arg instead
	  of equalp.

	  spec says: equalp descends hash-tables by first comparing the
	  count of entries and the :test function; if those are the same,
	  it compares the keys of the tables using the :test function and
	  then the values of the matching keys using equalp recursively.

2005-02-15 18:04  bryan

	* level-1/l1-reader.lisp: suppress unused lexical variable warning
	  in #: handler

2005-02-15 17:58  bryan

	* level-1/l1-io.lisp: clhs says an array is printed
	  started with #A.

2005-02-15 17:52  bryan

	* level-1/l1-io.lisp: clhs says a complex number is
	  printed started with #C.

2004-10-26 23:56  gb

	* lisp-kernel/lisp-exceptions.c: Hacks to keep fp exceptions
	  enabled after pthread_kill() on Darwin.

	  Allways enable fp exceptions when calling back into lisp.

2004-10-26 22:28  gb

	* lisp-kernel/asmutils.s: back out of earlier change, now that
	  signal_handler calls get_interrupt_tcr

2004-10-26 22:23  gb

	* lisp-kernel/lisp-exceptions.c: Use get_interrupt_tcr() in
	  signal_handler on linux.

2004-10-26 22:22  gb

	* lisp-kernel/thread_manager.c: get_interrupt_tcr() takes a
	  "create-p" argument, like some callers thought it did.

2004-10-26 21:51  gb

	* lisp-kernel/: asmutils.s, lisp-exceptions.c: play around with r2
	  when zeroing FPSCR

2004-10-06 15:44  gb

	* examples/: cocoa-editor.lisp, cocoa-listener.lisp,
	  cocoa-typeout.lisp: Alex Crain's patches (paste in listener,
	  typeout window size)

2004-10-01 04:03  gb

	* level-1/l1-clos.lisp: if a CERROR offers to change the class of
	  an existing GF, actually call CHANGE-CLASS to do so

2004-09-25 17:38  gb

	* level-1/l1-clos.lisp: Use a real SHARED-INITIALIZE after CLOS is
	  bootstrapped.  Default superclasses based on metaclass, in
	  (SHARED-INITIALIZE :AFTER) method on SLOTS-CLASS.  Don't add use
	  :INITARGS for most SLOTS-CLASS slots (the initargs to
	  SHARED-INITIALIZE :AFTER should generally set them to computed
	  values.) Make sure that the right version of UPDATE-SLOTS is

2004-09-25 17:31  gb

	* level-1/l1-dcode.lisp: New support for funcallable instances,
	  from Tim Moore.

2004-09-25 17:31  gb

	* level-1/l1-clos-boot.lisp: INSTANCE-SLOTS knows where to find
	  slots in funcallable instances that aren't GF's (from Tim Moore.)

2004-09-25 14:38  gb

	* level-1/l1-lisp-threads.lisp: Use %HEAP-IVECTOR-P when checking

2004-09-25 14:37  gb

	* level-1/l1-streams.lisp: Kinder, gentler heap-ivector stuff.	Use

2004-09-25 14:36  gb

	* lib/ccl-export-syms.lisp: Export MAKE-HEAP-IVECTOR and

2004-09-25 14:35  gb

	* lisp-kernel/darwin/Makefile, lib/macros.lisp: DEFCLASS macro:
	  handle :DOCUMENTATION as a single option, if provided.  Don't
	  default superclasses (from Tim Moore.).  Pass class name, not
	  class, in :METACLASS option.

2004-09-25 14:16  gb

	* level-0/PPC/ppc-misc.lisp: FUDGE-HEAP-POINTER: user clrrwi to
	  clear three bits.

2004-09-25 14:15  gb

	* hemlock/src/macros.lisp: WITH-POPUP-DISPLAY: use typeout-stream
	  (from Alex Crain.)

2004-09-25 14:14  gb

	* hemlock/src/interp.lisp: Indentation change.

2004-09-25 14:13  gb

	* examples/cocoa-editor.lisp: Send backtrace info to typeout window
	  on error (from Alex Crain.)

2004-09-25 14:12  gb

	* examples/cocoa-window.lisp: Typeout-window changes, from Alex

2004-09-25 14:08  gb

	* examples/cocoa-typeout.lisp: New file, from Alex Crain

2004-09-25 14:08  gb

	* examples/bridge.lisp: Fixes to COERCE-TO-FOREIGN-TYPE, from
	  Randall Beer.

2004-09-25 14:07  gb

	* OpenMCL.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/MainMenu.nib/:
	  classes.nib, info.nib, objects.nib: Changes from Alex Crain, for
	  typeout window.

2004-09-25 14:07  gb

	* OpenMCL.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/.cvsignore: new file

2004-09-19 16:21  gb

	* lisp-kernel/lisp-exceptions.c: use thread_abort_safely() when
	  suspending Mach threads

2004-09-13 00:26  gb

	* lisp-kernel/thread_manager.c: wait_on_semaphore: return
	  KERN_OPERATION_TIMED_OUT if wait was aborted and we'd timed out
	  anyway.  suspend_tcr: use mach_suspend_tcr() preferentially on

2004-09-13 00:21  gb

	* lisp-kernel/lisp-exceptions.c: mach_resume_tcr: it would be a
	  good idea to actually resume the thread, not just do the
	  bookkeeping (a call to thread_resume() was missing.)

2004-08-30 15:20  gb

	* examples/cocoa-editor.lisp: Lots of changes, mostly:

	  - try to speed up callbacks that fetch characters from the
	  virtual nsstring - kill echo-area buffers when closing windows -
	  windows should be released when closed; documents should close
	  when the   last window closes.  - try not to invalidate the
	  buffer cache on insertions - disable background layout before
	  closing the window (in case that's still   going on ...) - clear
	  the buffer's modified state when buffer is saved (not sure if the
	    modeline indicator's updated correctly) - DISABLE-BLINK tells
	  the layout manager to force redisplay of the (now   non-blinking)

2004-08-30 14:59  gb

	* examples/objc-runtime.lisp: Assert that SELF is an instance in
	  instance method (should also assert that :ID-typed parameters are

2004-08-30 14:58  gb

	* examples/objc-clos.lisp: set pointer types directly

2004-08-30 14:33  gb

	* examples/: cocoa-listener.lisp, cocoa-window.lisp: Use (THE ...)
	  to help the bridge resolve some messages.

2004-08-30 14:31  gb

	* hemlock/src/modeline.lisp: Use DEFPARAMETER to initialize
	  *DEFAULT-MODELINE-FIELDS*, so it's a little easier to redefine.

2004-08-30 14:30  gb

	* hemlock/src/lispmode.lisp: Wrap some of the indentation code in a
	  MODIFYING-BUFFER, to defer display updates. (This is
	  experimental, and should probably be made more general.)

2004-08-30 14:29  gb

	* hemlock/src/interp.lisp: Don't be quite so eager to clear the
	  echo area, especially when it's the current buffer.

2004-08-30 14:25  gb

	* lib/foreign-types.lisp: Make (:* T) be shorthand for (:* :VOID).
	  May lead to (benign) redefinition warnings.

2004-08-30 14:25  gb

	* level-1/l1-init.lisp: Remove some FRED-isms.

2004-08-30 14:22  gb

	* level-0/l0-aprims.lisp: DEREFERENCE-BASE-STRING: third return
	  value is just the length (not length + displacement).

2004-08-10 17:54  gb

	* level-1/l1-readloop.lisp: Check for local macro functions (and
	  complain if FUNCTION references them) in cheap evaluator.

	  Pass a function and other information to *MACROEXPAND-HOOK* when
	  expanding symbol-macros.

2004-08-10 17:19  gb

	* level-1/l1-clos.lisp: late version of %MAKE-METHOD-INSTANCE, from

2004-08-06 00:40  gb

	* lib/pprint.lisp: distinguish finding NIL from not finding symbol

2004-08-02 21:56  gb

	* examples/cocoa-editor.lisp: Remove subviews from hemlock-frame
	  (window) before closing it.

2004-08-01 17:54  gb

	* examples/cocoa-editor.lisp: INIT-WITH-TEXT-STORAGE ->
	  SET-TEXT-STORAGE (was initing twice.)

2004-07-31 16:52  gb

	* hemlock/src/: lispmode.lisp, lispbuf.lisp:

2004-07-31 16:50  gb

	* hemlock/src/buffer.lisp: handle modeline update in

2004-07-31 16:44  gb

	* examples/objc-runtime.lisp: remove a debugging call to FORMAT

2004-07-31 16:43  gb

	* hemlock/src/modeline.lisp: modeline buffer-update zeal

2004-07-31 16:40  gb

	* level-1/l1-lisp-threads.lisp: *fake-stack-frames* is
	  thread-specific, just in case

2004-07-31 16:39  gb

	* level-0/PPC/ppc-def.lisp: %%FRAME-BACKLINK: this isn't 0S7

2004-07-31 16:38  gb

	* level-1/l1-io.lisp: move %NEW-PTR here

2004-07-31 16:37  gb

	* level-0/l0-io.lisp: %new-ptr can't exist in level-0

2004-07-31 16:36  gb

	* lib/nfcomp.lisp: make-load-form for foreign-variable istruct

2004-07-31 16:35  gb

	* level-1/l1-files.lisp: fix dangling close paren

2004-07-25 18:15  gb

	* examples/rubix/: blocks.lisp, opengl.lisp, rubix.lisp: newer code
	  from Hamilton

2004-07-23 15:15  gb

	* examples/rubix/: blocks.lisp, lights.lisp, loader.lisp,
	  opengl.lisp, rubix.lisp, vectors.lisp: new files

2004-06-27 01:55  gb

	* examples/objc-support.lisp: canonicalize classes referenced in
	  type signatures

2004-06-27 01:55  gb

	* examples/bridge.lisp: class canonicalization, for resuming images

2004-06-27 01:55  gb

	* examples/: cocoa-window.lisp, tiny.lisp: defer window creation

2004-06-27 01:55  gb

	* examples/objc-runtime.lisp: early NSThread

2004-06-27 01:55  gb

	* examples/finger.lisp: new version from Barry Perryman

2004-06-23 21:24  gb

	* level-1/linux-files.lisp: Remove a (debugging) call to FORMAT.

2004-06-23 10:32  gb

	* level-1/linux-files.lisp: New external-process waiting stuff.

2004-06-23 10:32  gb

	* level-1/l1-processes.lisp: Initial restarts have descriptive
	  :report clauses.

2004-06-23 10:30  gb

	* level-1/l1-files.lisp: Gary King's fix to FIND-LOAD-FILE.

2004-06-23 10:30  gb

	* level-1/l1-error-system.lisp: INVOKE-RESTART-INTERACTIVELY works
	  with SIMPLE-RESTARTs again.

2004-06-23 10:29  gb

	* level-1/l1-clos.lisp: UPDATE-SLOTS fix.

2004-06-15 02:40  gb

	* OpenMCL.app/Contents/MacOS/dppccl: added

2004-06-06 02:12  gb

	* level-1/linux-files.lisp: Don't sleep/poll while monitoring
	  external process; signal completion via semaphore.

2004-06-06 02:11  gb

	* level-0/l0-cfm-support.lisp: Ignore NAME in

2004-06-05 23:01  gb

	* lisp-kernel/spentry.s: Ensure TSP valid before asserting
	  lisp-mode in ffi return.

2004-06-05 23:00  gb

	* lisp-kernel/thread_manager.c: New post-gc freeing mechanism
	  (suspened thread may own malloc lock.) Similar mechanism for TCR

2004-06-05 22:59  gb

	* lisp-kernel/: gc.c, gc.h, lisp-exceptions.c: New post-gc freeing
	  mechanism (suspened thread may own malloc lock.)

2004-06-05 22:57  gb

	* level-1/linux-files.lisp: Do external processes differently.

2004-06-05 22:57  gb

	* level-1/l1-boot-3.lisp: No periodic task for external processes.

2004-06-05 22:56  gb

	* level-1/l1-readloop-lds.lisp: Don't pass (%CURRENT-TCR) to
	  stack-walking functions in break loop commands.

2004-06-05 22:55  gb

	* lib/describe.lisp: :prompt-function takes an argument.

2004-05-23 16:37  gb

	* level-1/linux-files.lisp: In GET-DESCRIPTOR-FOR, leave room for a
	  #\Newline when copying an arbitrary input stream to a temporary

2004-05-08 13:21  gb

	* examples/cocoa.lisp: Define UI-OBJECT-DO-OPERATION for *NSApp*.

2004-05-08 13:20  gb

	* examples/objc-runtime.lisp: Use #?.  Find cfstrings in __const
	  section, too.

2004-05-08 13:19  gb

	* examples/cocoa-window.lisp: Use #?.  SET THE UI OBJECT (lost in
	  0.14.2 merge.)

2004-05-08 13:18  gb

	* examples/cocoa-listener.lisp: Use #?.

2004-05-07 09:56  gb

	* examples/cocoa-editor.lisp: Fix duplicate
	  HI::SAVE-HEMLOCK-DOCUMENT.  Don't parse buffer unless we're
	  looking at a paren when trying to determine blink location.

2004-05-07 01:23  gb

	* examples/objc-clos.lisp: Handle new issues with :foreign-type
	  (non-standard slot options collect values into a list.)
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