[Openmcl-devel] opengl

Dario Lah dlah at linux.hr
Thu Mar 3 07:41:26 PST 2005


please tell me how to pass by reference variable to foreign function?

I'm writing Nehe OpenGL basecode in OpenMCL and need this for function 

In C++ it is:
   GLint matrixMode;
   glGetIntegerv(GL_MATRIX_MODE, &matrixMode);

How to pass matrixMode and get value (integer) from it?

In opengl interface database there is no GLUT_BITMAP_HELVETICA_10 
define. It is  void pointer to font. I looked in headers and found that 
it is addres of function &glutBitmapHelvetica10.

Has anyone used this? Is there other way to get Helvetica font in GLUT?

If I get font address with (external "_glutBitmapHelvetica10") how can 
i write following piece of code in lisp?
;; font is pointer to font (GLUT_BITMAP_HELVETICA_10)
        for(ch= str; *ch; ch++) {
           glutBitmapCharacter(font, (int)*ch);

I apologize if I'm asking obvious questions but, for me, documentation 
is short in examples :/

Best regards,

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