[Openmcl-devel] Using OpenGL with the NSTimer

nrms nils.stritzel at gmx.net
Mon Mar 14 01:50:10 PST 2005


I am trying to implement a small animation with a bouncing quadrat (the 
original is to be found in "OpenGL Superbible").
I have already implemented it with OpenGL and OpenGL/glut, but that is 
not exactly what I am interested in.
I used the rubix example as inspiration for using the OpenGL with cocoa 
and an example that was posted here some time ago
and which does some animation stuff with tiny example using the NSTimer.

Since I patched it up from the mentioned sources and I am probably 
missing some insight, I would greatly appreciate, if someone can give 
a hint what is wrong or whether it is simple impossible to do what I am 

What I figured out so far is that whenever some #_gl... function gets 
called in the redraw-bounce-glview method there will be a spinning
  beach ball of death and Openmcl is not responding anymore.

Any hints appreciated,

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