[Openmcl-devel] Rebooting MikeL/MCL

Brent Fulgham bfulg at pacbell.net
Tue Mar 29 12:12:38 PST 2005

Ancient records indicate that a Lisp Uber-Hacker
named Mikel Evins once participated in this lisp.  He
created some amazing software (and started a few
interesting projects) before mysteriously vanishing.

It was partly my greed for cool Lisp applications with
snazzy GUI interfaces that prompted me to replace my
ancient Linux box with an iMac G5 a couple of months
ago.  Since then, I have looked in vain for some word
that Bosco, Alpaca, or Lisp-in-a-box might have new
forward momentum.

At the depths of my dispair I suddenly saw through the

clouds and fog that had obscured my view.  I realized 
that Mikel (which might be pronounced 'MIKE-el', or 
perhaps 'MICKLE') was just an anagram for MCL.
(MICKLE -> MiCkLe -> MCL).

Could it be true?  Could Mikel be nothing more than
a clever AI produced by the OpenMCL guys?

If so, could one of you please reboot the poor thing?
I'd like to discuss hacking with him (er, .... it).



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