[Openmcl-devel] Location of the MOP

Thomas F. Burdick tfb at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Mon May 2 07:41:22 PDT 2005

Gary Byers writes:

 > MOP symbols are exported from a package named "OPENMCL-MOP" in
 > versions where :OPENMCL-PARTIAL-MOP is on *FEATURES*.  (Those symbols
 > are generally defined in - and generally exported from - the "CCL"
 > package as well.)  The "partial" MOP support that's present when that
 > feature is is supposed to contain everything except for some
 > constructs in the "Generic Function Invocation Protocol"; everything
 > that's there purports to comply with what the AMOP describes.
 > Some older OpenMCL releases had some MOP-related symbols exported from
 > the CCL package.  The level of intended AMOP compliance was generally
 > pretty low, and it may or may not be straightforward or even practical
 > to try to use the MOP in a version that didn't claim to implement it.

Thanks, and I'm glad to hear that OpenMCL has a proper MOP now.  We
make very light introspective use of the MOP in Cells, so the old MCL
MOP actually suffices.

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