[Openmcl-devel] opengl rubix example

Hamilton Link hamlink at comcast.net
Mon May 2 20:08:36 PDT 2005

> While I concur with most of your comments and rants please consider 
> this. I use a 17" AlPB laptop. I specifically don't carry around a 
> multi button mouse because there are many places it's either 
> inconvenient or impractical to use a mouse.

That's fair. If I cared about the usability of the rubix demo I might 
make ctrl-click do what right-clicking does. I generally fall into the 
demographic of people who keep a wheel mouse in the bag with the 
laptop, but I am certainly not *opposed* to people improving upon the 
rubix demo. If you'd like to do so, (or if anyone else would like to), 
there are two functions in rubix.lisp that handle the mouse events and 
check the various flags and pull mousedrag events out of the queue and 
so on, the first one (for just mouse-down, instead of the one for 
right-mouse-down) needs to test for the modifier and do what the 
right-mouse-down code does etc etc.

> No matter whether you like it or not, the Apple standard is currently 
> a one button mouse.

Yeah, I'll avoid my rant but I really won't care about Apple's 
standards until I am shooting for something that is really useful 
rather than an NSOpenGLView-from-openmcl coding demo. But it's 
certainly a point of improvement for the example, I'll grant you.

> The fact that Cocoa can't do some of the standard multi-button 
> emulation, is just another reason I hate frameworks.

No flame here. But "can't" is a pretty strong word, I've been surprised 
at how flexible things are, there's often some flag to pass to get the 
behavior you want, like GB mentioned.

> I vote we switch to Carbon so we can prevent my suicide over framework 
> junk like this. Perhaps I could deal with it if it was open source.

Cocoa has Major Benefits over carbon in terms of ObjC's 
introspectiveness and potential extensibility to make cocoa programming 
WAY more like lisp programming.

But if you want Carbon you can make FF calls into C to your heart's 
content, so I think openmcl should generally suit your needs unless 
you're wanting to hack on the IDE.


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