[Openmcl-devel] Status of Cocoa under Tiger?

Raffael Cavallaro raffaelcavallaro at mac.com
Wed May 11 11:44:13 PDT 2005

I was wondering what the status of the Cocoa bridge is under Tiger.  
I've tried accessing the bleeding edge tree via cvs, but repeatedly  
failed - I can login, but any attempt to get ccl in the ccl-0.14-dev  
tree just  spins its wheels endlessly with no result. I've managed to  
download the bleeding edge sources via the view-cvs web interface,  
but make fails. Is it just that the sources are in an inconsistent  
state now? Admittedly I haven't tried too recently - my last attempt  
was about a week ago.

Anyway, I was just wondering how I could get started with Cocoa  
development under Tiger as openmcl 0.14.3 barfs on (require 'cocoa).

As long as I'm pestering with questions, is there any notion of when  
an openmcl Mac OS X app will not require recompilation for each point  
release of Mac OS X? Is there any way one could help this process  
along? I'm happy to apply my limited skills to this effort if they  
would be of any use.

Thanks in advance for any insights into this,

warmest regards,

Raffael Cavallaro, Ph.D.
raffaelcavallaro at mac.com

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