[Openmcl-devel] Trace/BPT trap in 1.0

todd ingalls TestCase at asu.edu
Wed Nov 30 08:11:47 PST 2005

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me diagnose this problem. 

In pre 1.0 version of openmcl the code below ran fine. This is a simplified
version of a high resolution timer. 

In 1.0 version of openmcl, i get a Trace/BPT trap error and dppcl dies. 

I have traced the problem down to the call to #_PrimeTimeTask, but can't seem
to figure out what to do from there. Does anyone have any suggestions in
regards to what I should do next to determine why this is happening?


PS. I am running OSX 10.3.9.

(ccl::open-shared-library "Carbon.framework/Carbon")
(ccl::use-interface-dir :carbon)

  (defparameter *tmtask* nil)
  (defparameter *counter* 0)
  (if *tmtask*
	(#_RemoveTimeTask *tmtask*)
	(#_DisposeTimerUPP (ccl::pref *tmtask* :<TMT>ask.tm<A>ddr))))
  (setf *tmtask* (ccl::make-record :<TMT>ask))
  (setf (ccl::pref *tmtask* :<TMT>ask.tm<W>ake<U>p) 0)
  (setf (ccl::pref *tmtask* :<TMT>ask.tm<R>eserved) 0)

  (ccl::defcallback time-task-callback (:<TMT>ask<P>tr tmTaskPtr)
    (if (> (incf *counter*) 100)
	  (#_RemoveTimeTask tmTaskPtr)
	  (#_DisposeTimerUPP (ccl::pref tmTaskPtr :<TMT>ask.tm<A>ddr)))
      (#_PrimeTime tmTaskPtr 1)))

  (setf (ccl::pref *tmtask* :<TMT>ask.tm<A>ddr)
	(#_NewTimerUPP time-task-callback))
  (#_InstallXTimeTask *tmtask*)
  (#_PrimeTime *tmtask* 1))

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