[Openmcl-devel] close on abort

bryan o'connor bryan-lisp at lunch.org
Mon Sep 5 02:04:37 PDT 2005

> (with-open-file (out (full-pathname "other/x") :direction :output
>                                                :if-exists :supersede)
>     (abort))

actually, this doesn't work quite right if the file already
exists and you don't have a type (extension).  the file-stream
code calls cl:rename-file which, per spec, uses merge-pathnames
to create the new-name.  the extension ends up getting set on the

if file-streams always contain full pathnames (which at this late
hour seems perfectly reasonable to me), we can bypass cl:rename-file
and directly call ccl::unix-rename.

what do you think?

unfortunately your quick fix has now become:

   (full-pathname (make-pathname :directory "other"
                                 :name "x"
                                 :type :unspecific))


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