[Openmcl-devel] h-to-ffi giving kooky results

Hamilton Link hamlink at cs.unm.edu
Tue Sep 6 21:15:25 PDT 2005

OK, for a very very simple file with just #defines in it, h-to-ffi.sh 
is working.

With anything that includes stdio or basically anything of substance, I 
get a mountain of:

/usr/include/ppc/endian.h:0: warning: unrecognized text at end of #line
/usr/include/ppc/endian.h:22: warning: unrecognized text at end of #line
/usr/include/ppc/endian.h:56: warning: unrecognized text at end of #line

for file after file after file, and line after line after line.

I couldn't get past this for gandalf, and as it turns out when I run 
darwin-headers/libc/C/populate.sh I get the same thing.

This is a preprocessor warning of some sort that means... what?  That 
I'm using the wrong h-to-ffi.sh?  Or the wrong compiler? I googled this 
and saw other people with basically the same problem, but those guys 
were mostly trying to recompile linux and gcc and things like that, 
generally with other incompatible versions of things.

I have the gandalf bundle built, no problemo, and can open it using 
UFFI, but I don't have reader macros working yet because of this.  
Anyone with clever ideas out there?  I'm out in deep water with this 
one, I'm afraid.


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