[Openmcl-devel] OpenMCL 1.0-rc1

R. Mattes rm at seid-online.de
Sun Sep 25 09:41:01 PDT 2005

Wow, _that's_ a fast reply. More further down ..,

On Sun, 2005-09-25 at 07:36 -0600, Gary Byers wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, R. Mattes wrote:

> > Can i recompile the tarball using a CVS checkout?
> The tarball contains/is a CVS checkout, so you should be able to just
> do:
> cd ccl/lisp-kernel/linux
> make clean
> make

Ah, i see. Recompilation works fine.

> That'll get you to to the next problem, which is that the PPCCL image
> in the linux-1.0-rc1-050924 archive isn't a 32-bit Linux image.  (I
> suspect that the standalone ppccl-image-050924.tar.gz contains the
> same thing.)

Hmm, somehow this seems to be no problem here:

 ralf at hobbes:/LISP/OpenMCL/ccl$ ./ppccl 
 Welcome to OpenMCL Version 1.0-test-050914 (LinuxPPC32)!
 ? (lisp-implementation-version)
 "Version 1.0-test-050914 (LinuxPPC32)"

What problems hould i expect?


> For anyone in the same position as Ralf (downloaded the pre-p1 archives
> and find that the distributed kernel requires newer libraries than those
> that they have installed), just doing a "make" in ccl/lisp-kernel/linux
> should fix things, to that point.
> Anyone at that point (downloaded the pre-p1 archives, has a working
> kernel, but that kernel complains that it can't load the PPCCL image)
> can get a new (correct) image from:
> <ftp://clozure.com/pub/testing/ppccl-image-050924-p1.tar.gz>
> Any Linux user who hasn't yet downloaded the 1.0-rc1 release and wants
> to do so can get the whole shebang from:
> <ftp://clozure.com/pub/testing/openmcl-linuxppc-all-1.0-rc1-050924-p1.tar.gz>
> That should get us all to the point of seeing what's broken and what's new.
> I didn't change anything in the source (the "Welcome" banner announces
> the lisp as version 1.0-rc1-050924), since these seemed to have been
> packaging bugs.
> Sorry.

Thank's foe that quick fix. I'll try to do some testing. BTW, one thing
i repeatedly had problems with recently: OpenMCL's *features* still
contains :MCL and :MCL-COMMON-MOP-SUBSET. Since MCL and OpenMCL seem to
be rather different at this point i wonder if it would be possible to
admit this in the feature list as well.

 Cheers Ralf Mattes

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