[Openmcl-devel] make-fd-stream

Julian Squires julian at cipht.net
Sun Sep 25 11:05:18 PDT 2005


This might be a stupid question, as I don't know much about the
internals of OpenMCL.  I was wondering whether it's possible to get a
"normal" stream (one for which STREAMP returns T) from
CCL::MAKE-FD-STREAM, and also whether that function will ever be
exported from CCL.

I'm currently maintaining a package called OSICAT that makes use of
fd-streams, where available, to provide an interface to tmpfile(3).  The
alternative, on implementations without fd-streams, is a lot less
elegant and probably less secure.  So, I was hoping to get OpenMCL to
support fd-streams at a level similar to CMUCL.

OpenMCL is a great compiler, BTW.  It's my regular environment for CL
work under Linux/PPC.


Julian Squires

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