[Openmcl-devel] OpenMCL 1.0-rc1

bryan d. o'connor bryan-lisp at lunch.org
Sun Sep 25 16:46:41 PDT 2005

> Again, I was not able to find a clear explanation of how nested
> conditionals should be handled. If you could please point me to the
> correct place in the hyperspec, I will forward a bug report to Franz.

the more relevant section is probably this in *read-suppress*:
  "If the value of *read-suppress* is true, read,
   read-preserving-whitespace, read-delimited-list, and
   read-from-string all return a primary value of nil when they
   complete successfully; however, they continue to parse the
   representation of an object in the normal way, in order to skip
   over the object, and continue to indicate end of file in the
   normal way."

there was some discussion of this in #lisp starting here:

which led to this bug report:


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