[Openmcl-devel] Preferred Dev Env for OpenMCL

Phil pbpublist at comcast.net
Sun Aug 13 18:22:28 PDT 2006

I've been using Aquamacs/Slime/OpenMCL for a while now and it works  
far better for me than other combos of emacs/slime/lisp I've tried  
for OS X development.

One minor issue is that should your code drop you to the OpenMCL  
kernel debugger, Slime doesn't know how to handle it and becomes  
unresponsive.  The fix is to just  switch to *inferior-lisp*,  
manually quit out of the OpenMCL kdb, then restart slime.  (pretty  
rare and every time this has happened so far, it's been a result of  
my broken code esp. re: the Cocoa Bridge.)

On Aug 13, 2006, at 5:57 PM, Andrew Shalit wrote:

> Is there a preferred development environment for OpenMCL on Linux  
> and/or
> OS X?
> Emacs w/ SLIME?  Emacs w/ ILISP?  Is it worth helping people get  
> set up
> with both?
> On the Mac, is there a preferred version of Emacs?  Aquamacs (which
> comes pre-built with SLIME and so is very easy) or Carbon Emacs or
> Emacs.app, or something else?
> And is Hemlock anything more than a proof of concept?
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