[Openmcl-devel] OpenMCL Versions

Hamilton Link helink at sandia.gov
Thu Aug 17 10:13:57 PDT 2006

Lawrence E. Bakst wrote:

>Hi Andrew,
>I don't think we have to wait a few weeks to guess at what the plans are. And hey, guessing is more fun than knowing. Of course I have no inside info at all, however there is a lot of information out there.
>All the new Intel Core-2 chips are 64 bit (EM64T). As most people know there are at least 3 versions of that architecture, Woodcrest, Conroe, and Merom ...
Don't forget the Xeon Clovertown and the Kentsfield (or whatever it's 
called these days) which are basically Core-2 Quartets.  (Solo, Duo, 
Trio, Quartet?)  Both have been moved by Intel from 2007 to possibly Q4 
2006:  http://news.com.com/2100-1006_3-6096192.html

And note that it should fit in the same processor socket as the Core 
2... so in theory very little or nothing has to be done to upgrade the 
Mac Pro.


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