[Openmcl-devel] Bug in HANDLER-CASE?

Kai Kaminski kai.kaminski at gmx.de
Fri Aug 25 06:43:27 PDT 2006

[I already sent this mail a few minutes ago, only to find out that I'm
subscribed with a different email address. Sorry for the


I just tried to use the latest Slime with OpenMCL 1.0 (ppc32) and it
choked on a HANDLER-CASE form in swank.lisp. The problem is that the
:NO-ERROR clause doesn't come last. A minimal test case is

(handler-case (read)
  (:no-error (c) (print c))
  (t (c) (print c)))

As far as I understand the Hyperspec, this should be legal (see the
section on HANDLER-CASE and Section

I'll send a patch for Slime to slime-devel shortly.

Since this is - as far as I remember - my first mail to this list, I'd
like to thank everyone involved with OpenMCL's development for their
great work.


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