[Openmcl-devel] asdf

Zachary Crockett z.crockett at usa.net
Mon Feb 6 09:12:23 PST 2006

I'm also very new and struggling with similar issues...  looking  
forward to the answer.


On Feb 6, 2006, at 10:41 AM, Robert McAlpine wrote:

> Forgive my ignorance ... I'm new ...
> Using Mac OS 10.4.4
> Aquamacs 0.9.8
> openmcl 1.0.1, installed using darwinports
> I want to replace my asdf installation with one checked out from  
> cclan cvs.
> What connects the version of asdf in the openmcl distribution  
> directory to the one that's loaded when I say ... (require 'asdf)  
> and how do I point it somewhere else?

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