[Openmcl-devel] error format

Kilian Sprotte ml13 at onlinehome.de
Sun Jan 15 08:37:55 PST 2006


I have a simple question and would be very happy to get a little clue.
I am attempting to catch errors myself and print out an error message.

So the simplest approach would be something like this:
(handler-case (/ 1 0) (error (c) (print c)))

But what I actually want is a printout of the error message
that openmcl will give if there is no custom handling.

-performing 'TRUNCATE on (1 0)

instead of


Although I can do it for simple errors by using
simple-condition-format-control and -arguments,
I wonder what to do with the rest...
There must be some function in CCL, no?

      Kilian Sprotte

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