[Openmcl-devel] Best practice for writing a loader (def-pathname blues)

Peter Braroe peter.braroe at newsmachine.com
Mon Jan 16 02:42:24 PST 2006

Hi all!

Thus is a oldbie post: I am trying to write a loader for a small project to
work. I looked at some old code (written for Allegro CL 1.22! :-) that uses:

(def-logical-pathname "path" "Machintosh HD:MyDir")

And then 

(load "path;myfile")

However this does not seem to work these days!

Question: What is the correct "best practice" way to write a loader today?
Anyone have some elegant example code out there? 

I found some uses of (make-pathname ... ) but is that the way to go? 

The make-pathname command seems to stipulate that one defines the filetype
also and what if I want to load other files containing data from the same
directory - do I have to define two pathnames then?

And what about packages - do I need to define which package a file belongs
to in every file (like java)?

And if I use packages do I always need to do export/use-package and such to
be able to call my functions(methods)

Hope this makes sense to someone and that this is not too annoyingly

It's always amusing too see when doing something new that the difficult
stuff is best documented and the easy big picture stuff (that one always is
clueless about) is hard to find answers too! 

Thanks beforehand all!


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