[Openmcl-devel] OpenMCL / Cocoa

Gary King gwking at metabang.com
Tue Jan 24 10:47:37 PST 2006

I know that progress continues with the Objective C / Cocoa bridge  
but I'm wondering if anyone has worked on running OpenMCL and a Cocoa  
application using sockets to communicate between them. I have some  
ideas I'd like to play with where the GUI could be Cocoa and some of  
the smarts could be OpenMCL. I think that sockets would be fast  
enough, etc. to handle simple needs. Unfortunately, I'm pressed for  
time and would rather not much with setup unless I have to so...

Has anyone else build any infrastructure along these lines that  
they'd like to share? Also, is this a _bad_ idea? Am I missing  

Gary Warren King

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