[Openmcl-devel] more bugs on Linux/AMD64

Eric Marsden eric.marsden at free.fr
Thu Jul 13 14:02:32 PDT 2006


SBCL still doesn't build with OpenMCL on AMD64, for some obscure
reason that I haven't figured out. Here are some bugs extracted from
Paul Dietz's ansi-test suite, that is distributed with GCL.

* (code-char 256) signals an error but should return NIL

* (>= (sqrt  682223840097443425701178572245775373)
      (isqrt 682223840097443425701178572245775373))

  returns NIL but should be T. (Also true for certain other bignums.)

* (typep (make-sequence '(vector (signed-byte 33)) 1 :initial-element 0)
         '(vector (signed-byte 33)))

  returns NIL but should be T.

* (macrolet ((%m (&whole (m a b) c d) `(quote (,m ,a ,b ,c ,d))))
    (%m 1 2))

  should return (%m 1 2 1 2) but signals an error (see

* I notice that floating point overflow and underflow detection
  default to off, at least on my system. Should stuff be expected to
  break if (set-fpu-mode :underflow t) is used?

Eric Marsden

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