[Openmcl-devel] Missing methods/constants from Cocoa bridge

Gary Byers gb at clozure.com
Wed Jun 14 09:14:00 PDT 2006

I strongly suspect that the missing things are missing from the
Panther-vintage .h files from which the interfaces bundled with 1.0
were derived.

XCode's approach to this is to install separate hierarchies under
/Developer/SDKs/ (each of which acts something like "ccl:headers;"
does under DarwinPPC32.)  I'm not sure that I really like that idea,
but don't know of anything (much) better.  (The translation of that
idea is that there'd be separate "root" directories under "ccl:headers;",
and if you wanted to use something other than the default root you'd
say something like:

? (use-interface-root :tiger)
and then something like

? (use-interface-dir :cocoa)

I'm not sure what it would mean to use or to have used multiple
"roots" in the same session.

That seems like overkill.  The interfaces for OS release N are (usually,
mostly) a superset of the interfaces for release N-1, so simply considering
the most recent set of headers (the Tiger ones, at this point) to be
canonical is certainly simpler and probably at least as useful.

A (possible) advantage to the XCode-like scheme is that you'd be able
to say

? (use-interface-root :panther)

when developing something intended to run under Panther or Tiger, and
attempts to use Tiger-specific functionality would (mostly) be caught
at compile-time.  (That was kind of the justification for basing the
1.0 interfaces on Panther, as I recall.)  As you note, that prevents
(easily) targeting Tiger, so that's also an imperfect solution.

[If you don't care about much of this and just want to be able to
use some Tiger-specific features in a Cocoa application, there's
a set of Tiger Cocoa interfaces in:



On Tue, 13 Jun 2006, Phil wrote:

> I've noticed a couple methods and related constants missing from the
> Cocoa bridge that I wanted to pass the info along...
> NSDatePicker - setDatePickerStyle and it's constants
> (NSTextFieldAndStepperDatePickerStyle and
> NSClockAndCalendarDatePickerStyle from NSDatePickerCell.h)
> NSTableColumn - setResizingMask and it's constants
> (NSTableColumnNoResizing, NSTableColumnAutoresizingMask, and
> NSTableColumnUserResizingMask from NSTableColumn.h)
> Thanks,
> Phil
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