[Openmcl-devel] Deploying Cocoa Apps

Francesco Pierfederici fpierfed at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 23:48:51 PST 2006


I am in the process of learning Lisp (coming from Python/C++) and  
have chosen a simple project just to get my hands dirty. The idea is  
to rewrite one of my Cocoa applications (currently in Python) in Lisp  
using OpenMCL.

Looking at the documentation and at the mailing list archives I came  
up with what seems to be a contradiction:

> Because of the way that the ObjC bridge currently works, a saved  
> image is dependent upon the exact versions of the Cocoa libraries  
> which were present when it was saved. Specifically, the interface  
> database is. So, for example, an application produced under OS X  
> 10.3.5 will not work under OS X 10.3.6.

Whereas this:
seems to imply the opposite.

Which one is true? I guess I could try out for myself, but the  
practicalities of such a test would be non trivial for me (all the  
Mac OS X boxes I have access to run the same version of Tiger).

Thanks for any information you can give me on this!


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